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Aniset Blood Transfusion IV Set

Specifically designed for veterinary use with a soft large gauge tubing for immediate rapid infusion at the rate of 20 drops/ml. 1.5metre length tube.

£8.27 (inc. VAT)

Product Information

  • It has a sharp piercing spike with a soft compressible blood chamber containing a 200 micron particle filter and a ball to help prevent coagulation of blood in the chamber.
  • There is a flat bed roller clamp to enable more precision in accuracy with the required flow rate and providing a quick cut off flow lock if required. It also has a latex flash bulb injection port at the distal end of the tube.
  • The rotating/spin luer lock gives a more secure connection at the indwelling cannulae site.
  • There is also a unique air vented priming cap at the end of the tube, essential for priming and expelling air bubbles without blood leaking from the end of the giving set before connecting to the indwelling cannulae, causing less fuss and mess.

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