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Copro-Nil for Coprophagia 100g

COPRO NIL 100G Description: Behaviour aid for coprophagia (the desire of an animal to eat its own or other species faeces).

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Product Information

 Simply sprinkle Copro Nil onto your pets food and the faeces produced will be extremely unpalatable. Read more... Coprophagia is a very unpleasant behaviour and is considered abnormal in dogs and cats. There are several factors that contribute to the desire of an animal to eat its own or other species faeces, which will often interact. Causes include: Vitamin deficiency Curiosity Natural instinct Protein Habitat Simply sprinkle CoproNil onto your pets wet or dry food. Please ensure that all food is eaten, or disguard any food left over. The powder will ensure that the faeces produced from the recently eaten food to be an extremely unpalatable taste.

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